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Construction update

The 2006 NOAHH purchase of 8.1 acres of land from the New Orleans School Board, the former site of Kohn Junior High School, has now become the site of the Musicians’ Village. Construction has been completed on all 72 single family homes, 5 elder-friendly doubles, the toddler-friendly pocket park and The Ellis Marsalis Center for Music.

Single family homes Single family home

All 72 homes have been completed with the help of tens of thousands of volunteers.

Single family homes

Elder duplexes Elder duplex

On November 18, 2006 NOAHH started building the first Habitat elder-duplexes on the corner of Roman and Bartholomew. All duplexes have been completed.

Elder duplexes

Ellis Marsalis center Single family home 

Ellis, Branford and Harry kicked off the groundbreaking of the Ellis Marsalis Center for Music on September 13, 2007.


 Ellis Marsalis center

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As one of the many musicians who was nurtured by the vibrant cultural environment in New Orleans, I cannot overstate the importance of the Musicians’ Village.  Please lend your support for those artists eager to call New Orleans home again, and for those in future generations who will be the beneficiaries of their knowledge.- Branford Marsalis

Video: A Dream Becomes Reality
Video: The Village through Harry's eyes, two years later.

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